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"Better Food".. Passing net


Eat lean

Eat green

Apparently, fat is one of the most important carcinogenic factors in the food.

The way the meals are prepared has an impact on the content of vitamins and other substances in the food.

On the basis of brochures from the (Danish) Environmental Protection Agency urging you to eat more vegetables, of warning signals from the (Danish) Cancer Society, and of statements from professor of nutrition Arne Astrup saying that Danes need new food habits,


-         we have over a period made research in improvement of food habits.





In this occasion, we come forward with a suggestion which we have experimented with over a longer period:


STEAMING of vegetables with no use of fats!


= A better environment – less water consumption – saves electricity

= A healthier lifestyle


This can be reached by application of the passing net “BETTER FOOD” which is a new household article installed at a ring for suspension over the pot.


Likewise suitable for: straining of soups, preserving, etc. The net is made of a fine-meshed nylon passing cloth. Withstands machine dishwash.


Classical preparation nearly always implies boiling and often with the use of fats which is very unhealthy.





  1. A cup of water which covers the bottom of the pot is poured in.
  2. The passing net with the cleaned vegetables is installed on the pot and a closely fitting lid is placed on top.
  3. Switch on the plate at maximum temperature.
  4. After approx. 3 minutes, when the water is boiling, the plate is switched off.


NOW THE MIRACLE HAPPENS – the energy from the steam will make the vegetables tender or crispy, dependent on the steam time.


This is our recipe for a healthier lifestyle.


Best regards


Knud Hansen


Net. v. Palle Frost